Restaurant & Menu Photographer. Beefeater Restaurants.

Interiors Photographer Inverness. Beefeater Restaurant Group.


Interiors Photographer Inverness. Beefeater Restaurant Group.
Interiors Photographer Inverness. Beefeater Restaurant Group. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Interiors Photographer Inverness. Beefeater Restaurants.

Style: Interior Photographer, Interior Photography – Beefeater Restaurants

It was a nice complement… “you’re the only ones doing commercial photography for real. The rest are wedding types that dabble at our work and it’s tough enough for us who do it properly, to get it right”. This was the decision making process of the agent who called us in to photograph Beefeater’s newly refurbished restaurant in Inverness. We we’re the first he looked at as we ranked top in the search engines for property and interiors in Inverness. He then went to find alternative photographers to get a price range. Only he didn’t bother calling as it was clear they were specialists in wedding photography – no matter what they claimed – and this shoot was an important one to the restaurant chain and its marketing team, so the results needed to be guaranteed.

So specialising works! Well it does for our studios both in Scotland and the west Midlands.

As for the restaurant, it is a nice building, clearly the architects and designers used a template you see a lot throughout the UK – a combination of bistro pub design combined with a little cosy spot like your local, here and there. On this occasion a nice use of timber was used through the wall surfaces and some stunning combinations of furniture bringing a contemporary feel throughout. Certainly we have found these combinations of restaurant and attached hotel to be very useful in our work throughout the UK. They sort of guarantee an experience when you stay – whether for work or leisure.

So to the interior photography shoot. The only issue… yes lighting! It is a common trend for restaurants to use dimmed lighting but as a photographer we have to sort of make a choice – blow the mood lighting and create an artificial uniformed image using flash throughout the scene or try and reflect the ambiance with the suitable use of strobes and bounce boards. Now this is easy if, the rooms are small. But on this occasion it was all open plan and huge, so mood lighting very quickly becomes dense ‘black-holes’ the further away the scene is. Yes pocket flash units can be set up but if you’re not careful you end up creating light blooms where they shouldn’t be. So a challenge, yes, one which had to be shot in an hour and a half, the images processed and the FTPd to Beefeaters agents within 24 hours. And yes, we did it – and perhaps might pop in again this time not working to try out the menu and beers!


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