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Interiors Photographer Aberdeen

Interiors Photographer Aberdeen.  Portgordon.


Style: Interior Photographer, Interior Photography – Portgordon

A property with a stunning view straight out sea, large windows on the two floors bringing brilliant sunlight into all corners of the rooms – this modern build, in the centre of the village was going to market as we were asked in to shoot the interior and grounds. Key aspects for us to shoot – without studio flash to show how well the property was naturally lit – was to capture the mezzanine second floor lounge and the cavernous space which the current owners used for the dining room.  Now every owner thinks they have a well let property – in fact some a very sure of themselves until you show the world in camera terms – dark pockets of shadow in room corners and around combed ceilings… This shoot was going to be a challenge both at a camera level and in the studio – after all windows react so well to dark spaces – yes, they go very white, what we call ‘blown’.  Luckily we have a team that is, well shall we say, very good in Photoshop – no we do not outsource any of our post production, we invest in the training and the experience first hand.  The exposures had to be adapted to handle some of the dark and very bright extremes – but it was the composition that made this all a little easier – yes, we avoiding shooting the dark pockets!  Oh yes, we still managed to shoot this very contemporary property as a spacious beech viewing property!


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