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Interior Photographer Aberdeen Fraser Street Flats



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We’ve sort of gained a reputation with some of our web design partners for small space interior photography – by this we mean making something that can seem small if badly taken look very large.  Now it doesn’t always means the space is limited quite often far from it – it can be the shape – ceiling design, colours and yes contents – they can all make a space look very small.  This isn’t  the case really for this property’s design its just that believe it or not is designed as a starter home – fully furnished and low cost!  We were asked in to make most of the stunning interior design and show that limited space properties are far from cramped and a great place to start a new home.  Lighting was key here as stunningly strong colours were used against a magnolia wall.  Now we all know that magnolia as a colour should be dis invented… yes?  Because is low light it photographs grey – you can’t stop it, it always does it – so if your reading this and considering emulsion – butter milk, it goes cream in low light!

Interior Photographer Aberdeen Fraser Street Flats
Interior Photographer Aberdeen Fraser Street Flats (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

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