Interior & Property Photography. Tombain Cottage.

Interior Photography Inverness. Tombain Cottage.


Property PhotographyInterior PhotographerTombain Cottage.

This has to be the nicest holiday cottage we have ever photographed.. honest.  It’s absolutely stunning!  Nestled in the hills overlooking the Castle Grant estate on the edge of the Cairngorm national park – the property outdoes the location in spades.  Fine furnishings, incredible architecture this barn or croft conversion is stunning.  Large open plan spaces and huge bedrooms complete the holiday package.    Ten minutes out of Granton on Spey – it’s good for local shopping and restaurants to keep the holiday experience easy on yourself and did I mention that there are at least three whiskey stills in a half hour drive of the cottage….  need we sell it any more?  To the interior design photography shoot…

Interior Photography Inverness. Tombain Cottage.
Interior Photography Inverness. Tombain Cottage. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

The owner has a number of properties and came to use a little on the wary side.  She’d had poor experiences of property photography in the past – as she put it wedding photographers who couldn’t shoot property.  It’s a harsh reality but as much as we’d like it skills do not always stretch to all genres and some who are stunning at wedding work are not as interiors, it’s a simple as that.  So her approach this time was to simply go for an expert in the field.  Her key concern was the open plan lounge dinning and kitchen are with is vast rooms space and stunning timber beam architecture.  After a lengthy conversation asking us how we would approach this ( an excellent technique by the way, questions on the phone cost you nothing and if they cannot demonstrate an approach at least on how they will handle this – we have to look first is not an answer – don’t use them for the photography).

Key to this shoot was handling the pockets of shadow.  The cairngorm at this time of year produces stunning light no matter what the direction of the property so at window point the light is intense sending everything into shadow.  Large open plan areas increase this problem – combine that with tall ceilings and huge rafter beams and the combination makes shadows a key problem.  This is what had been the owners previous problems with photography – no one tried to manage the shadows.  The tilt and shift lens managed the architecture easy – it’s what it’s meant to do – but compositionally – how would we handle the central timber pillar.  Yes wherever you stand its in the picture.  So compositions had to be worked out on the hop so to speak infront of the client before we even went near a camera. Then the master bedroom, which is absolutely stunning – only it’s dark with narrow floor to ceiling window lights… shadows, so the process again had to be handled by studio lights filling in the dark areas remotely triggered through wireless releases – show levels stronger than other to create a balance of light – not a flash, but a natural light – yes, we want some shadows as it creates a realistic image and not one set to car headlights!  A nice challenge made even more interesting by the client’s stunning interior design and fabrics choice.

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