Interior & Property Photographer, Tigh na Sgiath Hotel.

Property Photography, Interior PhotographerTigh na Sgiath Hotel.

A stunning property once owned by the Twinnings Tea family, with impressive architecture, fine rooms and impressive interiors.  A very fine location to stay and explore the Cairngorm, Spey Valley and the north east of Scotland – comfort guaranteed and stunning high teas awaiting those guests who have been out exploring the landscape daily.

Interior Photographer Tigh na Sgiath Hotel .  (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).


We were asked in by the owners following a recommendation by Highland Web Design – to not only photograph the interiors and exterior of the property but also to create images to promote a new venture for the owners, high teas – a growing business line due to tours throughout Scotland being created on the promise of the finest high teas available.  The challenge through out this shoot was something we all yearn for normally in the winter – sunlight!  Yes, we had stunning sunlight for the day – only winter sunlight can be very piercing and dominating as rooms can be a balance of deep shadows and now the introduced very bright sunlight.  Then you have the time scales – shooting between 10 and finishing by 2pm as light fails very quickly in the Highlands in the winter.  So we were constantly having to manage the deep and dark shadow areas with target studio lighting and then worry about shafts of sunlight so very specific to one or two areas that it made the rooms look strange.  We did this through the use of angles – scrims and large flags at the windows and of course waiting for the odd cloud to move in and help us naturally!  As we moved around the building, the light followed – however, by the time we reach the dinning room, the light had totally changed to a stunning soft yellow – so we used it to capture the shafts of light on the stunning mahogany furniture.

Once the rooms had been catalogued we then moved on the the food served at breakfast and the fine teas – all prepared fresh and baked to order in the kitchen of the owner!


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