Interior Photographer Inverness. Old Ministers House, Aviemore.

Interior Photographer Inverness. Old Ministers House, Aviemore.

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Interior Photographer Inverness

A very fine property, on the edge of the Cairngorm and beside the route to the sky lifts up above, the old Minister’s House in Aviemore is a grand looking dressed stone building in simple grounds with some extraordinary views to the mountain range. Recently acquired by the client, it’s a past use was as a medium tariff guest house, the new owner had ambitions to bring it to the premium market. So came the investment, the ideas and of course the need for professional images and new a new web presence to bring in a new target market guest.

YRSCommercial, Interior Photographer Inverness.

Building Interiors Photographer Inverness. Hospitality. Old Ministers House, Aviemore. 1

Investing in the fabrics of the rooms makes all the difference when it comes to hospitality shots – the stunning purples made all the difference – yet the items were the low cost pieces.

Whilst there is a need to keep things simple in hospitality due to breakage, damage or losses, it doesn’t mean you can’t add stunning colours to the room’s pallet – you just need careful purchases. Interior Photography, Inverness & Aviemore.

Building Interiors Photographer Inverness. Hospitality. Old Ministers House, Aviemore. 2

When we do a hospitality shoot, we’re not just trying to show a room or space – we try capture the staying experience.

It’s far too easy to over look the special things in your hospitality package if you just go in to shoot the room. You really need to shoot the ‘experience’ of staying… YRSCommercial, Interiors Photographer, Inverness & Aviemore.

A photo shoot Old Minister’s House, Aviemore.

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We’ve often advised clients that the best time of the year to shoot interiors is the autumn and winter. Why? The light is generally very flat, slightly over cast and even dull if lucky. That may mean the rooms are darker to the eye but it does mean that when we come in and set up the studio lights, we are in control of the light – not the sun or sunshine! We keep saying it, and to be honest only a few take it in as so many have a last minute panic in the hospitality sector, calling the studio just before the season starts and that normally means full sun.

Building Interiors Photographer Inverness. Hospitality. Old Ministers House, Aviemore. 4

Why is all that sunshine a problem? Yes you get a nice frontage shot – but that can be done at a later date anyway. Sunshine means shafts of light across carpets, beds and generally anything else it hits. Nice is you want a dramatic sunshine shot but not so good for most interior shots where a control of the light is required. Sunlight changes the colour of carpets, changes the colours of everything and no, they cannot be corrected. It also means blown windows – light saturation and now views. So please call us in the darker months!

Why discuss this? Because on this day we had brilliant white light everywhere… Nice for the garden shots but a nightmare to control in the rooms. You can’t shut the curtains, it looks wrong. You simply have to wait for a cloud to cross then shoot! YRSCommercial, Building Interiors Photographer Inverness.

Building Interiors Photographer Inverness. Hospitality. Old Ministers House, Aviemore. 5

Working through each of the bedrooms, they all had a unique size, shape and investment – differing fabrics, furniture and guest gifts, so each room had to be considered as a ‘mini photo shoot’. We do not simply look for a room-scape and shoot perhaps holding the camera to the eye.

We do not shoot with hot shoe flashes – it’s a studio set up in the room like we would create for a lifestyle advertising shoot. So it takes a little time to work each room out and provide the images needed to show the ‘experience’ a guest would have when staying. From bedrooms to the sitting rooms and then quickly the exterior and grounds. This left the dining facilities and food.

Building Interiors Photographer Inverness. Hospitality. Old Ministers House, Aviemore. 6

The dining room was a simple shoot – we try not to just shoot the dining room though as by their very nature they are often functional and unless a stately home, limited for space as you try and meet the needs of the guests.

So we use the meals on offer in the foreground and simply ‘throw’ the dining room to the back ground of the image. Starting with simple continental breakfast foods we shot the menu in relation to the room (not a food shoot in its purest fashion) finishing with cooked meals and drinks.

YRSCommercial, Interior Photographer. Old Minister’s House.




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Interiors Photographer Inverness, Old Minsters House Aviemore.
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Interiors Photographer Inverness, Old Minsters House Aviemore.
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