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Property Photographer Inverness, Interior Photographer Inverness, Hospitality Photographer Inverness.Dunhallin House, Inverness.

Caramelised banana porridge, a huge range of fresh fruit and cold meats for a continental breakfast and a range of hue bedrooms not far from the centre of Inverness. And yes, they also run tours into the mountains. Can it get any better for a holiday? We were asked in to shoot for an upgrade of their website. A wide range of styles existed throughout the property – although there was a strong Himalayan theme as well due to the owners RAF career and passion for climbing! Key to all was balancing the very strong colours with the sense of space – colour whilst attractive in real life can make spaces small in a photograph! In all aspects a low perspective was kept – this increased the height of the ceilings – the property whilst traditional in style is a modern one with low ceiling designs. Once each of the rooms had been catalogued we were also asked to photograph breakfast offerings – again a wide range from traditional Scottish breakfasts to continental.


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