Hospitality Photographer Dunvegan.  YRSCommercial.

Hospitality Photographer Dunvegan. YRSCommercial.

Dunvegan Hospitality PHOTOGRAPHY. 

YRSCommercial, Hospitality Photographer Dunvegan & Isle of Skye. It’s a little competitive… the hospitality industry! We know, as we’ve been working with clients for over ten years in the sector… indeed we could be classed as hospitality photographers really – the combination of interiors, food and workplace photography – whether the workplace be front of house or the kitchen!

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So to repeat – the hospitality industry by all aspects is highly competitive, clients literally lost as they walk to the next building’s menu, drive to the next BNB or guest house sign or decide to choose a hotel by it’s location to a conference centre rather than the excellent service you over them! And to make things worse, the internet has to some degree removed most of your value add options and turned it into a contract ‘price based’ market place – AirBNB, promoting price over value and Deliveroo, whilst giving diners choice removes all the value add of your establishment, the investment in its style and the quality of front of house staff other restaurants would die for!

Perhaps the best way to think of it is: take your turnover and then look at the images you’re using to attract new business with. Be honest, do they measure up to your turnover?

Image is everything after substance in hospitality!

YRSCommercial Hospitality Photographer

So as we’ve said its a little competitive out their! And how do so many hospitality businesses then try to compete with this huge and growing pressure – by taking images on their I-phone and using those to promote, dishes, menus, rooms, facilities – yes you name it everything.

So why do it? You never skim on the ingredients, you never shy from investing in fine fabrics or furniture, you always battling to get the best staff for the budget and you always pay an arm an a leg for premise location. Then skimp on the marketing… the images that sit on the internet selling your dishes, menu or rooms… the images that show your staff care… need we say more?

Remember the internet strips all your value to a picture and a few words… It’s not like customers popping their head inside to have a quick look see!

YRSCommercial. Hospitality Photographer Dunvegan & Isle of Skye.

Isn’t hospitality photography expensive? Answer, NO.

Now creating professional images of your menu doesn’t cost a fortune as is often thought. It does require a little planning though to understand the images you wish to show – a standard set that rarely changes or perhaps a selection of seasonal images that lets you as the restaurant owner, change the website appearance.

What about rooms and staff? No the costs are not huge – but beware – hospitality photography is not ‘property’ photography! There’s a huge difference – one sells the space a buyer wants to own. The other – hospitality photography – sells the experience you create with your business, staff and investments, which in turn makes customers want to come back time and time again.

YRSCommercial. RESTAURANT & Hospitality PHOTOGRAPHER, Dunvegan.

So is it possible to get one photographer that is a specialist in food photography and styling and can be a building interiors expert as well? Yes, we do it. That’s why we call ourselves hospitality photographers. In short, we shoot: Food, Rooms, People.


Give us a call. Look at our portfolio. Email us for ideas and advise. We always offer you simple packages for all our photography – the approach whether to shoot a total range of images for your establishment or to focus on the latest menu whether seasonal or simply a new dish on its own created through chef’s inspiration.  We can bring backgrounds or use your own branding. all images are sent to you under licence of use terms and via Webtransfer for rapid delivery.

YRSCommercial, Hospitality Photographer Dunvegan & Isle of Skye.



YRSFood & YRSCommercial – is a commercial photographer specialising in interiors, architecture, product and food images, based in the Highlands, working throughout Scotland. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over Scotland.

YRSCommercial. Commercial Photographer

YRSCommercial, Dunvegan Hospitality PHOTOGRAPHY.

YRSCommercial (Your Reflection Studio), working with restaurants and food producers throughout Dunvegan & Isle of Skye region. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of  food, menus and packaging, all over Scotland.


YRSCommercial. Dunvegan Hospitality PHOTOGRAPHER.

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