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Food Photographer Glasgow Argyll Smokery Collection-1

Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography.  Client:  Argyll Smokery.

It has to be said, with all the great smoke house clients we have – and we seem to have shot over 20% of the Scots industry already, Argyll Smokery has produced the best Kiln Roasted Salmon we have ever seen… yes it’s absolutely stunning.  This is no small claim when you consider the quality of the smoke house industry here in Scotland.  A small business where nothing is left to chance and an obsession for quality – yes that’s the word I would use obsession.

Food Photographer Glasgow Argyll Smokery Collection-1
Food Photographer Glasgow Argyll Smokery Collection-1. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

We were asked in on this food photography occasion to try and capture the actual product process of this boutique business smokery – from application of the brine mix to the individual placing of hundreds of prawns on smoking racks – yes placed not dropped so that their delicate structure is not damaged.  Lots of light as would be expected in a food processing business meant that we were able to simple catalogue the process in a journalistic fashion throughout the food photography photoshoot.

This is key really, as there is no room for large lights in such a shoot – we always try and be invisible to the process – letting our clients get on with their jobs – we simply sit in the background taking the images so that there is no disruption.  Our only challenge to keep the images focused to each stage of the process and to then isolate it from all the other things going on and the machinery surrounding.


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