Food & Menu Photographer. Viceroy Restaurant.


Food Photographer, Menu Photography – Viceroy Restaurant Milford, Stafford.

It is rare that a restaurant wants to move a little away from their own brand to show food purely at its best.  Normally, restaurant owners wish us to shoot on their table cloths, using their flatware, their ceramics and if we can insert a branded napkin…  Which we totally understand, it’s selling the business that counts and as a ‘proposition’ led commercial photography studio we always look to create executions that explore the brand promise or product proposition.

However… it is great fun to find an

Menu Photography. Viceroy Restaurant. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

owner who simply wants to sell the menu and the best way possible.  The owner of the Viceroy in Milford Stafford also has an establishment in Derby, quite different in approach – there they have no licence to sell alcohol you bring your own, but at the Viceroy the experience is plush, refined and very cosmopolitan.  They also at the Viceroy create take-a-ways!

So here we are, asked to shoot a new menu for the winter season and up to Christmas and the owner says create a style that sells the menu and concentrates on the plate not the building for this shoot.  So we arrived with backgrounds, lighting units and literally had to create images on the fly as we were at the mercy of chefs creativity on the day – all we had was a few ideas and everything had to fit.  For each dish we broke it down into ingredients and simply used those a vehicle to sell the taste of the dish.

The flatware we kept to a minimum and we were very luck that the traditional white circular plates of the restaurant trade had been avoided and strong ceramic shapes adopted. We shot through 20 dishes that day…  everyone totally exhausted at the end, but a pleasing set of images that ‘sold’ the plate.

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