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Food Photography. John Munro. Recipe Cards


Food Photography. John Munro. Recipe Cards
Food Photography. John Munro. Recipe Cards. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Food Photographer, Food Photography – John Munro Ltd.

Many of our food studio clients have  come to the conclusion that recipes sell their products – whether it’s home made snack bars and they produce breakfast cereal or haggis and want to extend their season from just Burns night.  And it’s for this reason they normally approach us.  We take their product and either find recipes for them or indeed adapt recipes for them to fit their products.

As we explained to a client in Birmingham only this week – we’re more than just a photography studio: we style food product, we cook and prepare product for the purpose of the image – whether photography or video, we of course photograph or video the product and then we design the output – in this case for John Munro Ltd we created recipe cards for the retail outlets.  We also have created cookbooks, ebook, posters and even project managed web design for clients or video windows.  That’s because the owner of the business is a marketing consultant by past profession.

So how did we do this for John Munro Ltd?  Simple, all they had to do was decide the recipes they liked and approve the images to use.  The rest was done by ourselves.  We present 20 recipes for the production of 6 recipe cards.  This gives the client a bit of choice and we try to range the selection from the snack to fine dinning – so again a choice.  Once agreed with the client, we then take the entire problem away from them – cooking, selecting or procuring the correct props, creating the background boards, setting up unique lighting combinations, photographing the assembled set with cooked product and then developing the artwork.  All John Munro then has to do is approve it, take the PDF their web designers for publication and the print version of the PDF to their printers.  Simple.

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