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Style: Food Photographer Inverness, Food Photography Inverness. Client: Wester Ross Fisheries.

48 hours to shoot for an urgent website to promote fine smoked salmon products ready for Christmas.  Quite a challenge.  Add to this a strong, lengthy, complicated brief to produce contemporary images of fresh salmon, smoked salmon halves and portions with a limited prop style and colour pallet and you have an idea of an interesting weekend food photography shoot.  We were asked could we help them out under very short notice – so the shoot was scheduled at Wester Ross’s own premises as our studio facilities were booked out solid – and the shoot was to be done over a weekend some 48 hours later from booking.

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Whilst the brief was comprehensive – it only said what was wanted – we had to go away quickly and then create food photography styles and shooting ideas that would bring this into reality – with little option for adaptation. Ideas in place – we set about creating a mobile studio for West Ross – we had to specially make up food photography backgrounds to a colour pallet and style that the webdesign team and Wester Ross marketing department had previously agreed on – using sample images we set about the creation of the rustic weatherboard – made from beech timbers collected and specially dried ready for background creation and then the powder white – a very popular style with many food retailers at the moment – we had to have Scottish flag blue hints to it to give it a Scottish feel.  Then it was a matter to getting specific props for the plate shoots which reflected the brand promise of the website and simply pack the food studio up into the car and drive over.  The food photography lighting was key so specially adapted soft boxes were used – just as well as the weather was terrible for part of the shoot – so natural light changed dramatically though out the day – this would have changed the finish of the images.  Our specially adapted soft boxes can change colour from day light to sunset – really nice and controllable! The location of the shot – Wester Ross’s own kitchen.  And the nice accent light the creates the shaft to the left – a specially adapted flexi light – we shone it through a bottle of olive oil that created the colour and also acted as a ‘gobi’ diffusing the light nicely!  A mad panic with post product deadlines 24 hours later but a very nice result!


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