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Food Photographer Inverness The Cross Kingussie

Inverness food photographer case study – menu & restaurant photography.

Nestled in woodland over looking the Cairngorm village of Kingussie, down a private track you will find the Cross, a guest house with famous restaurant, renowned for its menucuisine and rooms. Balcony or terrace by the river? These options extend your eating experience from just the restaurant, which itself has a stunning interior with huge inglenook fireplace. We were asked in to do a food photography shoot and create images of both menu and the restaurant for web and promotion use and then go one to do a full property and interior photography shoot. The food was stunning – . Scottish Food at its best!

Food Photographer Inverness The Cross Kingussie
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The entire food photography shoot was done outside – yes one of those rare glorious days in the Scottish Highlands which are not only ‘dry’ but also sunny.  We chose a table under the trees to add a little diffusion to the light and then reflectors to equalise the lighting around the dish.  The rest was all down to the chef.  It’s really the best light to shoot foodnatural light that is – but so few opportunities offer it when dealing with restaurants due to their own use of low level lighting which results in the careful use of continuous lighting.  We check for any flashing of bright light in the sauces, or glazes, and also in the moist meat surfaces – these flashes cannot be helped as it simply the light bouncing off the surface and by that we mean any light it doesn’t have to be strong.  The way round this – flags – and we use loads al the while to localise the light diffusion over a specific area of the dish when photographing.  The same goes for sauces.  It just take a few moments in the view finder or tethered PC to check for flashing and it makes all the difference the food having an nice simple low contrast look to it.

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