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Inverness food photographer case study – food product & packaging photography, Reids of Caithness.

We have done a number of shoots for Reids of Caithness a traditional Scottish oatcake and shortbread producer in Thurso  – most of their product range in fact. In the last food photography shoot that we did for them, we introduced a new ‘lifestyle approach to their products imagery – a home life, kitchen table and wholesome ingredients line to the images.  This was a distinct move away from the traditional high key image on a white background recommended by their web designers. All to often as it’s e-commerce photography web designers simply reach for the easy option rather than think about the web design and bring the cart to life – as if working through a recipe book our browsing the isles of a fine food store.  The approach we suggested is a blend of advertising and food editorial styling – giving the clients more option for use beyond the websites ‘cart’.

Each product required a separate styling approach but all within brand guidelines to maintain consistency. This shoot for a new product line ‘Reids of Caithness Baked Treats’ looks fantastic as a quick snack or treat. So we brought packaging, new branding and ingredients all together in a simple image composition.

Food Photographer Inverness, Reids of Caithness Baked Treats Range.
Food Photographer Inverness, Reids of Caithness Baked Treats Range. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.


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Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.
Your Reflection Studio, Commercial Photography.

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