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Food Photography Glasgow . Fitness Foods
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Who says eating healthy has to be weed and seed?  Why not fresh salmon, spicy chicken, turkey breast, minute steaks… need we say more?  An extremely successful business in Glasgow and now moving into Edinburgh, we were asked to help create a uniform set of images across their marketing portfolio, as before the collection of images that were used had many origins and ages.  As a food photography studio , we often get asked to help out with this problem, especially in the food industry – images evolve over the years and keep on being used because of their initial costs or images are purchased from stock libraries piecemeal.  The result can be a food photography display with a patchwork effect when it comes to the images used in a website or advertising.

So, firstly – the food photography style in this photoshoot – it had to be light and airy – so we chose dove grey, a touch of blue and white distressed backgrounds that we specially made for the shoot.   Then the theme – not the final dish but the preparation of the the dish – light meals, quick and refreshing and yes all summery.  Then the use of flatware and fabrics, simple and colourful with a shaft of sunlight – approximately 11am day light tones – coming in from the back as if the meal is presented in a sunlight kitchen or garden table.

The rest – well that was the photography bit!  When we create a style – we actually create a style sheet – a physical style sheet with examples of ideas, colour swatches we think work and our flatware preferences.  It’s during the creation of this style sheet plan we do all the experimenting.  It’s also very important because we use it as a reminder… sometimes styles can evolve when your working across a line or category of products in a product line or commission.  In this case, it was vital, as we had to shoot over 90 products shot to lifestyle themes and the turnaround – just 4 days….


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