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Food Photography Edinburgh. S Luca Ice Cream.

Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography – St Lucas Ice Cream.

We have a demon in the studio, yes we admit it… it’s ice cream. The sweaty palms, the irrational panic and the complete fear of meltdown… not us, the ice cream. Sorry, every studio has an inner demon and ours is ice cream. It’s such an unpredictable product to photograph. Forget the prop styling, forget the cool lighting set up (don’t begin to talk to us about the tungsten bulb days…. some of us still twitch at the very thought!), forget the ingredients props used… the issue is the ice cream itself. Getting it to the right consistency to scoop out is an art form in itself – one the parlour doesn’t really have to worry about – after all someone’s about to devour it – not look at it off page or online, time and time again. Then there is the barking – some ice creams by their make up let this happen. Others simply will not even entertain barking and produce a smooth surface come what may. Then there is the scoop shape – let alone large or small…. and yes, whilst we use a stand in to set up and test lights, the stuff still melts as soon as it hits the bowl…

On this occasion we were asked to shoot a range of flavours from the S. Luca parlour. We’ve worked with a number of other ice cream parlours and manufactures, this the first time for us in Edinburgh. They have a huge range from honey comb to stunning lemon sorbet, yes,, iron brew to coconut. From the finger likes by some in the studio, all very nice and clean tasting! We wanted to move the presentation of the ice cream from just a food product to food art… a picture of artisan ice cream. Lighting was set real low, background colours strong to promote the colour and form of the ice cream – pushing out of the page so to speak. And yes, we had a chance to play with the ice cream vintage props that we continually search for and invest in. We created a range of 18 different compositions for each of the flavours, custom built backgrounds and all using a penny lick bowl. Oh and yes, before we get loads of emails, just to confuse this post the image is of a raspberry sorbet, because we did those as well!

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