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Edinburgh Food Photographer, Kitsch Soda


Edinburgh Food Photographer, Kitsch Soda
Edinburgh Food Photographer, Kitsch Soda (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

Style: Food PhotographerFood Photography – Kitsch Natural Soda.

Thai basil, rhubarb, fennel and cucumber – these are just some of the ingredients in this range of natural soda drinks, when chilled utterly refreshing and at the same time a pallet cleanser – try it after a fine meal instead of coffee! Also an interesting mixer drink with perhaps the latest craze in gin.  The issue with this beverage photography commission, however, was how to make the drink keep its natural purity in its presentation and remove it from the ‘hub-bub’ type intense hype images of other non-alcoholic drinks.  No power trip offered, no energy boosting guarantee and no power play offered if drunk, just a simple and very clean taste.  So we stripped the image back to the very basics, as if it were being served in an old rustic pub, old wooden benches, slightly dark and shadowy surroundings the image benefit from the use of pewter props to present an feeling of age and sophistication.  Back lighting was applied to bring the bottle and its contents alive; the bottle showing slight chilling – not too much.  We then chose a narrow depth of field following a number of test shots and yes, we blew the bubbles into the bottle with a straw – letting the contents then settle with little marking of the inside of the bottle.

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