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Food Photography Edinburgh. Justbe Teas, Edinburgh. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Food Photography Edinburgh. Justbe Teas, Edinburgh.


Style: Food PhotographerFood Photography – Justbe Teas, Edinburgh.

Sometimes, fresh coffee is just too much. And we’re not green tea people in the studio at all… yuk! As for normal tea, we only drink that black and have a preference for Earl Grey so what else can you drink that will perhaps refresh without the rush of caffeine! Fruit or herb teas. We’re all suckers for Rosehip no matter what time of the day, some of the fruit teas yes and of course the traditional ginger and chamomile infusions. So when we got a chance to shoot Justbe’s range of infusions, well talk about a bit of luck! Stunning colours, interesting through to extraordinary perfumes and the one thing we have a hobby horse about in the studio when it comes to fruit or herb teas… these actually have a taste – not colour boiled water! Our approach to this range of teas was colour really – to make the vibrant infusions you can get with some of the teas Justbe produce and sell. Strong blues for back grounds contrasting with bright yellows from supporting flower props or vibrant reds against cornflowers or wheat husks to in still a sense of season and tranquillity. All good fun for a food (or should we say beverage) photography shoot that everyone in the team enjoyed. Of the mugs – stunning china ones from our other client Dobbies garden Centres – to good to leave in the prop store they are now studio china. And one last after through – how to shoot teas with a vertical style and not steam up your lens. Make it half strength half an hour earlier and leave the bag in until you get the colour you want – not too strong and without the steam. If a 28 degree angle shot and you want steam in your photography – microwave a couple of cotton wool balls 9like in makeup bags) which have been first soaked in water. Place these at the back of the cup and let them steam away!

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