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Edinburgh Food Photographer. Justbe Chocolate


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Raspberry, clove oil, rose oil, lime and grapefruit…just some of the exotic flavourings with this exquisite chocolate, described as aromatherapy chocolate.  It’s made by Justbe – the rose oil, combined with the dark cocoa is sublime! However, enough said on chocolate – the food photography, that’s what this case study is about not the studio’s obsession with dark stuff! We had to consider this commission in a different way to those chocolate commissions approached in the past.

Edinburgh Food Photographer. Justbe Chocolate
Edinburgh Food Photographer. Justbe Chocolate (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

Gone is the dark, moody, sultry feel and incomes a light and airy approach, somewhat summery in fact – we felt it met the brand promise of aromatherapy.  We commissioned powder finish  white and grey background boards, that we had made distressed and crinkled – a little like one of the studio team!  Then we took just one or two of the key flavoured ingredients as a supporting prop to the chocolate product, no other props were used. We showed the products in sizing ranges – the small resting on top of the larger bar to create depth and height.  We didn’t go too close to the product with our lens focusing, giving the composition a little space and to top the ideas, we used a shaft of light, airy and simple we added a sunrise accent light to the top left – a white/yellow finished unit that implied the sun breaking over the chocolate products.  The composition framework was then simply replicated – changing the ingredients as required – this meant the images could be used in simple off page advertising as well as looking like a collection when presented in a web environment.

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