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Food Photographer Birmingham
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A completely new challenge for us in the studio – one of many parts in fact – Meatsnacks Jerky. Now yes, its a food product but it has a very specific audience. A lot of the advertising on the web for this type of product is very stereotypical in origin – so how to be different and not look too different. Then although it is a food product – it doesn’t lend itself to typical food imagery. As we said a challenge. One compounded further by a very clever brief which is trying to get images to show the value of the product in terms of quality and ingredients – completely contrary to what you normally find on the web which can be best described as very macho! This isn’t the first time we have been asked to look at a traditionally ‘male’ product and move its centre of reference – we’ve had to do it with a number of protein rich products which are now seen as health and fitness foods, popular with the weight lifting community. So how to keep its origins and show its product quality and demonstrate its ingredients… all in a picture that doesn’t have the luxury of movement or scratch and sniff!

We started with the creative concepts – and threw most of these away as the product in bulk form and packet cut did not easily fit into a traditional ‘recipe style’ image format.. producing the product etc with the ingredients laid about. So we started with a theme and then worked backwards. Rather than ‘cowboy’ we thought settler or rancher. Rather than bright lights, we though rancher cabins, bare wood surfaces and perhaps the idea of a ranchers supply store.. herbs and spices set before a buyer. The lighting had to be soft after all in the time we’re setting the theme there was no light bulb only shadows and sunlight. Now to props, no Gary Cooper sorry! But it needed a traditional rancher theme… finding such props for the shoot was amazingly difficult as it also had to be rustic, well worn and as if from the distant past. We were able to raid the flatware stores as we had many items from the late 1800’s so no worries there including a cracking old garlic crusher which as a relic from the 80’s – the 1980s! Then it was a matter of combining these ideas together to match the different product groups – and yes, we had a little gingham in there – only to be fresh, we had it orange!

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