Food & Food Product Photography. Baked Goods. Reids Bakery.

Food Photographer. Baked Goods, Reids Bakery.


Food Photographer. Baked Goods, Reids Bakery.
Food Photographer. Baked Goods, Reids Bakery. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Food & Beverage Photographer, Food & Beverage Photography – Reids Bakery.

Images for a new brand and to be released in China… a wide range of stunning new biscuits and shortbread rounds including this one walnut and blue cheese!  Rieds of Caithness are definitely looking to be seen as the centre of excellence and innovation when it comes to shortbread.  Fine quality and yet a twist on many of the flavours, ranging from the sweet to now of the savory.

On this occasion – were have worked with Reids many times now – we wanted to move the image style on from what we have done in the past – to explore the heritage of the brand and the artisan flavours that were now being introduced to the range.  We also wanted to work with the new colour range – from blues to oranges, golds to purples… a rainbow of styling opportunities.

We started the planning and styling plan for this food photography shoot with the colour pallet – we wanted to create a background that promoted both the colour of the branding and the golden browns of the baked goods.  We again used the Farrow and Ball range of emulsions to then begin creating the distressed backgrounds – on this occasion using simply red-pine planks to create a polarisation in the dark emulsions with the worn through areas back to the timber.  Now to lighting. A simple rear-right spot lamp was used – we’d colour corrected the light to a soft orange yellow so that it selectively promoted the colours of the rounds – a nice golden, fresh baked look to them.  Using a tethered camera approach,  we simply built the set beneath the EOS 1DS rigs from a range of props we have here in the stores – the idea that the image presented was one of eating/consuming the rounds rather than preparing them on this occasion – here an evening snack,  post baking taking place – the flour representing the past baking activity and the rest speaks for itself so to speak.

These images were to be used for a range of promotional aspects from web to advertising.  We also shot the cartons to a white background so it was easy to cut out and use in other media.  A really interesting commission as it was the opportunity to move previous styling ideas on and promote Rieds backed goods as a really fine artisan product.


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