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Food & Beverage Photographer, Food & Beverage Photography – Ashers Bakery.

Probably the best crisp cobs we’ve seen in decades – screaming for strong cheese and a Spanish onion, all washed down with a fine ale… get the picture?  The smell was incredible – mouth watering as the tops of the cobs were nice baked black giving you that incredible fresh baked bread smell.

The owners called us in with one requirement – we need contemporary images for our bakery range.  They showed examples of what they sort of liked but we had to come up with something that worked with the hundred year old – a and more business brand.  We had to make them very unique and not simply another baked goods picture we see all too often – harsh lighting and a simple snap of the bread tops…. and the image style had to translate across all forms of baked goods – large loaves, fresh cakes and artisan breads.

As usual, photography – the act of it so to speak – took a bit of a back seat and in fact was to consider only the angle – vertical of 28 degree offset.  That was sort of it really…  The rest was creating the image and styling and like with so many of our case studies and clients, it was the props and background that required huge concentration and then of course the light.  We can’t emphasise enough, the value the backgrounds bring to the image.  Again we create these on a client by client basis.  For this we tried the colour pallets of Farron and Ball – their number 93 colour.  Then adapted it over a series if distressing applications – you’d think the finish showed planks weathered over 50 years.

The colour was chosen specifically for the yellow/gold tones of the baked goods – it emphasises the tones and makes the sometimes pale ‘baked goods’ colours very strong – making the bread look warm and the cakes look more saturated.  How did we come to the colour choice – a series of swatch tests.  These tests were set against our other key image building factor – light.  On this occasion we simply wanted to highlight the product with a shaft of lighting – not create shafts of morning or evening light where we use our sunset or sunrise tone lights.  This was an occasion for simple soft white light from the side.  The colours of the background pallet then had to be tested against this colour set to see if it changes the warmth of the colours – on this occasion as it was baked goods a colour tone would not work.  What was left – well that came down to the props and the edible props – in this case caramel sauces and ‘ground’ chocolate – the later had to be experimented with to get the right size of grounds – too small and they have little impact coming across as a powder – to large and they looked crude alongside such a fancy baked good.  Non edible props – we kept it to the kitchen rather than the dining room table and to the making rather than consuming – again a case of going to our huge prop stores and letting the team have fun buying new props!

A great commission for a wide range of Ashers products from fancy goods to kitchen staples.


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