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Food Photography Aberdeen. Equis Ice Cream Products



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We have worked with Equi’s Ice cream extensively before (another case study is being written at the moment and will be published shortly).  On that occasion the food photography photo shoot was for a large range of lifestyle images for use in website work and advertising.  We were approached to use twelve different flavours and bring them to life in a simple and creative way.  Rather than simply shoot the ice cream as a bowl shot, we created sets that resembled a simple kitchen counter, used flowers and simple supporting ingredients to create a preparation image for each of the flavours.  On this commission, the food photograph was more simple on one hand and more challenging on another.

Food Photography Aberdeen. Equis Ice Cream Products
Food Photography Aberdeen. Equis Ice Cream Products (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

We were to take simple stock shots – yes simple, only we had to shoot the entire product range in the Aberdeen shop, with busy customers coming and going as we shot.  We provided the entertainment that is for sure.  Lighting units had to be condensed to the minimum – there simply wasn’t the room in the Aberdeen shop to use all the gear we would have normally used – especially with the incredible foot fall they have in this new shop.  Luckily we had a huge window to add some of the light – so it went all dull and rainy on us!!! We got there however, exploring all the colours and Equi’s own unique style to presenting ice cream.


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