Food Photographer. Recipe Cards & Cook Books.  Speyside Specialities.

Food Photographer. Recipe Cards & Cook Books. Speyside Specialities.

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Food Photographer Aberdeen

We are often asked by clients to ‘create something’ with their food product, especially non processed product such as meat or vegetables. But not exclusively, we’ve done it with product such as pasta, salami etc. 

Now we’re not talking product development here, we’re talking how to use a product that may need a little ‘alternative use education’.  Often we do this with the marketing agency who are looking for a new spin on a product and as we’re marketing consultants of old we can talk their language easy enough and go away and come up with recipes that use a food product which creates the jargon of added value. 

YRSFood, Food Photography Aberdeen. Speyside Specialities.

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Challenging the norms of eating is a risky business. It might be to radical to be considered. Here, traditional scalps & bacon were combined with black pudding & sweet potato mash…

Whenever we do the recipe card work, we always try to get the ‘sorting out’ done right at the beginning. Sorting out? Yes, understand the ingredients -and the concept. if not liked sort it then before cooking or photography.

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Sometimes a great idea is staring you in the face and no one simply thinks of it. Here haggis is used with tomatoes to make a basic lasagne sauce.

It’s so very true that great ideas often present themselves in front of your nose which is why sometimes you simply miss them. The idea of recipes cards for producers, to us, is using you product to increase sales. So the recipe idea has to be simple and practical. YRSFood, Food Photographer, Aberdeen.

The food photography shoot.

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Now Speyside Specialities are already a huge success – you will find their products everywhere in the high street… black pudding, haggis and white pudding.  They also do skirlie which is essentially a north eastern Scotland delicacy used similar to traditional English stuffing, only made of suet and oatmeal and then fried as opposed to English stuffing, which is then inserted into meat or roasted.

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We have worked a number of times with the company and the owner asked us in to create the first steps in a range of recipes for his products… Haggis is not just for Burns Night! We’re lucky as not being a product development business we do not have to go through all the rigorous levels of test – just make a recipe or find one. How do we create use ideas? We have access to a few thousand recipes and a set of skills to present the dish.  The issue is a) find a recipe you like, test it then produce it or b) disassemble a recipe and add the product in question to it to see how it works, test it then if OK produce it to recipe stage. YRSFood, Abderneed food photography.

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So we did this, first with the haggis product. The issue always has been for any haggis processor or manufacturer – what to do when it isn’t Burns Night? You need to create an alternative use that is either seasonal or better still related to a recipe that can be consumed throughout out the year. In this case the recipe is remembered and haggis is an ingredient.

So, we began by introducing it to ravioli, nachos, chillies and guacamole and other exciting things – the haggis needing a little alteration of flavours and seasoning – essentially using it like a mince product really. Then we moved on to black pudding which we got quite excited about adding it to port wines and liver! 

And all tested by victims beyond the studio as we’re veggie!  So all the owner had to do was first select from a range of twenty recipe options ( we normally give you 20 if you want six shooting) and leave the rest to us.  We then cook, shoot and roll the images out into recipe cards and any other execution you need, such as web banners and social media adverts – all for one fixed price.  Totally outsourced and normally tuned around from start to finish in 10 days.

YRSFood, Food Photographer Aberdeen.

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The styling had to be inline with Speyside Specislities own brand guidelines and brand promise – it has a legacy and history – sourcing as many props as we could or similar to the period. The recipes by direction had to be quick meals not lengthy so this needed to be shown in the image. Each recipe was produced in a linear fashion over two days – it’s the only way with some products that change their appearance or texture when hot – left cold they can look totally different. So no short cuts!

Once shot, the images were then dropped into InDesign for simple formatting into recipe card templates that we had created for the client – the text then added and if required credits to authors.

YRSFood, Food Photographer Aberdeen.



YRSFood, a small specialist photographer that provides a big studio service to its clients, bringing photography, styling and prop acquisition under a single low cost fixed price package approach.  We work throughout the food chain from agricultural levels through to processing and production and of course menus and editorial.  The entire food chain from field to fork for Aberdeen, Grampian, Aberdeenshire & Scotland.  So if your a food producer, a food retailer, artisan bakery or cafe and restaurant, why not give us a call and we will see what we can create for you that expresses the taste, ingredients and care you place in your products or meals.

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YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands, working with restaurants and food producers throughout the Aberdeen, Grampian, Aberdeenshire & Scotland. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of  food, menus and packaging, designers and food PR agencies, creating food mages for commercial, editorial, promotional, brand and packaging uses, as-well-as for media, publishing and PR.

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Food Photographer Aberdeen. Recipe Cards & Cook Books.  Speyside Specialities.
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