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Over the last few photography shoots we’ve been asked to shoot some incredibly exotic drinks – they seem to have everything from spice from the Himalayas to fruits and flowers.  All caffeine free and some – we have to say – smelling, well shall we say a challenge to the nose!

Some of these are mainstay drinks you will find in the high street and others very specialist such as for Maharishi Ayurveda. So the issue here is not so much photography but edible ingredients in the image styling – that is, if you want to get away from a simple tea-pot image with a little steam. 

How to show the ingredients of the beverage because surely this is what people want and why they buy it in the first place – rather than and brew from you know who! 

Now we are very lucky to have two locations where we have a very large herb gardens – they have proved invaluable for the food studio over the years, so many of the herbs we can get – if they are classed as culinary.  Now for the medicinal.  Yes, we have many of those, so again get them isn’t a problem – but for the exotic we have to reach for partners and get these shipped to us – we give our clients the option of this as some of the spice and herbs combinations used can

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cost a fortune or are totally out of season when they come to us – Hibiscus in December for instance, and yes if has happened!  Also bee pollen…  we used ground yellow pencil to cheat!

Then we move to the china and flatware.  We’ve been lucky recently in the car boot sales – yes, caddy tea spoons, loads of them in old silver and brass, so we can show the making of tea in traditional form nicely.  But what about making the tea literally from the ingredients?  Here we bring the herb choppers, cutting boards and simply accent the props against a traditional scene and of course the making of the tea.  This leaves the tea drinking china – if the shots from the side it has to be glass (and getting simple not over ‘blingy’ glass tea vessels is really a challenge) – but from the top then we can have real fun with Spode, Wedgewood and Crown Derby – the simple patterns and internal cup decorations being brought to life alongside the tea itself.

Great fun although requiring a glass of wine when we had finished!

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YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Midlands and Scotland, working throughout the UK. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of food, menus and packaging all over the UK. YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio), Food Photographer.

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