Food Photographer. Meat & Poultry.  Speyside Specialities.

Food Photographer. Meat & Poultry. Speyside Specialities.

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Food Photographer Aberdeen

Speyside Specialities are a hidden success up in the North East of Scotland – anywhere else and they would be a critical business case study known to all! They are one of the largest pudding producers in the country – black, red and white – getting to be one of the largest haggis producers and yes, they dominate skirlie production. Their products are found in virtually all the major retails of the UK. So it was nice to be asked back in to to do some more work for these guys.

YRSFood, Food Photography Aberdeen, Speyside Specialities.

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Creating promotional images for retail is always tricky. You not only have to think of the client’s style – but the retailer’s too…

We are often asked by food producers to create an image based on their demands and then get a call a few weeks later saying can we do another shoot as it’s to go in a retail environment and that retailer insists is shot in a certain way. Well if you have an idea that this may occur earlier – tell us first and we’ll shoot it that way at the same time cutting your costs.

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The issue with lifestyle promotional images is simplicity, unlike editorial images, which have a little more going on – readers give it those more time & attention.

We see time and time again images that are created for one purpose being shifted into another and they clearly do not work. Promotional images are not editorial and vise versa. They have less time given to them by the shopper. So if you have this purpose in mind – let us know and we shoot it differently. Commissioning images is an investment that needs to be done right – not like stock images which are clearly wrong! YRSFood, Food Photographer, Aberdeen.

A food product shoot and promotion shoot combined.

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We had previously done a load of ‘Brandbank’ work for Spesyide Specialities a few years back and provided some basic product photography, which was the brief of their ‘then’ agency AVC media – it has since changed to another agency. This time we were working directly with the client and the owner. I know we are supposed to work through agencies – they get a little upset if we don’t – but as an agency ourselves and ex marketing consultants, we prefer to work with the client directly if we can.

Why? The images are then tailored to exactly their needs and… well we can speak the branding jargon anyway, so we ask all the marketing agency type questions as well! 

It’s always good to work directly with a client – though if your an agency reading this… we love you guys too! Feeling better?

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So, to the brief, how to make haggis exciting…  How to make black pudding even more exciting and say it in a picture which demonstrates all the words the copy writer would use. We started with the basic ideas that these products had a single purpose problem… Haggis Burns night, Black pudding – mixed grill breakfast – the same for other Speyside products. And Skirlie – well how to use beyond just stuffing. We covered these as part of the lifestyle shoot and recipes – to see them you need to go to the recipe link here and you’ll see how we covered that off. Then it came to the promotion side of the commission, this case study – images for retail use that made customers look beyond the packaging and inspire a purchase.

We stripped the style back to the origins of the product and business – selling the puddings from a cart over a hundred years ago in Fife.  Then we applied a style tone of haggis isn’t just for Burns, actually its for all time consumption and black pudding is something of an exotic dish.  And off we went with the images.   All the product had be shot three ways from simple product to lifestyle – this permitted flexibility in the use from sales promotion, to point of sale as well as the web and advertising. 

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