Food Photographer. Meat & Poultry. John Munro Recipe Cards 2

Food Photographer. Meat & Poultry. John Munro Recipe Cards 2

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Food Photographer Inverness

How to make simple recipes seem appealing and special.  That was the challenge to us at the food photographer.  Low budget meals, that could be used at different times yet made the dish should feel special and use low cost meat products that are freely available in each of the butchers outlets – nothing complex to prepare, nothing that would impact another product (e.g pig cheek cuts which impact on so many other products/cuts!).  A budget value per meal wasn’t set but a need to keep it low was the basis on which we worked. Also, time had to be considered – not necessarily a ‘quick’ meal but one which would not be a huge hindrance to create…

As before we went to our extensive recipe library and chose 20 different options to match the products John Munro provided for this shoot – this ranged from belly pork to steak mince. Oh, and did we say it had to be sort of seasonal but not to such an extent the recipes would be set aside until later in the year.

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Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry.  John Munro Dingwall. 1

We were asked to create low cost meals that simply didn’t feel ‘cheap’ when presented on the plate and eaten…

It was important to create an easy and simple meal that when on the plate inspired cooks to go on and try something more using Munro’s as a source of ideas..

Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry.  John Munro Dingwall. 2

Strangely for a butchers chain, it was also important to introduce a range of other food stuffs in the recipe – not just meat. variety of recipe was important to the client.

Yes, it came as a surprise to ourselves that meat whilst an important element of the dish had to be support by a wide and varied ingredients list. Not just chips! YRSFood, Food Photographer, Inverness.

A food product shoot and food editorial shoot combined.

Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry.  John Munro Dingwall. 3

With all recipe card commissions, the beginning is at the computer screen or the cookbook library we have. We always provide a selection of about 20 recipes per 6 recipe cards. That way clients have an idea of the variety out there and also a choice. We do not select from only in the UK – many of the dishes we cook and then shoot, come from all over the world and the authors recognised if published.

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There may be adaptation of these recipes – especially if we think something is missing and therefore evolved to either UK tastes or simply better recipe design. Also the recipe sellection is driven by the products involved – in this case a range of basic cuts and meat products such as mince – no not another burger!

Once the client has chosen the dishes, it’s a matter of then collecting the products to be used in the cooking process. Then sorting the additional ingredients – herbs, we are lucky in both studios as we have large herb gardens – the one in Scotland being just shy of a 1\4 acre! Other ingredients come from the wholesalers and if it’s a special, something we cannot easily get in the UK, we try and source alternatives for our client and then adapt the recipe.

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Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry.  John Munro Dingwall. 5

Each dish is approached in a linear fashion – cooked whilst the background and photography set is created, then brought to shoot stage. We do not create all the dishes then start the photography as the dish would deteriorate. The image over is belly pork deep fried in a simple packet stuffing for bread crumbs.  Great for children to have a go at cooking with – another aspect John Munro wanted us to look as part of their Eat Well Cook Simple range of ideas that we branded and created for hem.  This treat meal worked out at less than £1 per person!

Once all the images are shot, the recipes are then moved into a PDF format – yes we can design them afterall we are ex marketing consultants!

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Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry.  John Munro Dingwall. 6

Once designed, everything is then shipped as a single job back to the client. The recipe cards once designed are formatted to web PDF and print format PDF so there are choices.

The images used are the formatted for web use and large format use – the client may want posts. All shipped by web trans for simple delivery. The process is designed to be streamlined in the studio and above all reduce the costs of creating the dishes using client product – a little waste for the process as possible.

So, an outsourced service: Recipe Selection | Cooking | Props & Styling | photography | Design. Couldn’t be easier.

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YRSFood, a small specialist photographer that provides a big studio service to its clients, bringing photography, styling and prop acquisition under a single low cost fixed price package approach.  We work throughout the food chain from agricultural levels through to processing and production and of course menus and editorial.  The entire food chain from field to fork for Inverness & Highlands.  So if your a food producer, a food retailer, artisan bakery or cafe and restaurant, why not give us a call and we will see what we can create for you that expresses the taste, ingredients and care you place in your products or meals.

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Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry. John Munro Recipe Cards 2.
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Food Photographer Inverness. Meat & Poultry. John Munro Recipe Cards 2.
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