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Having shopped in the Asian markets of Birmingham, we love Asian confectionary.  Its creation seems to be coming from a completely different direction to much of what we consider as normal ‘sweets’.  Incredible colour, stunning taste and from ingredients that few non Asian food manufactures use.  This new range of aftermeal confectionary for Maharishi Ayurveda, was not only a sweet treat, but a digestive food product produced to Ayurvedic principles.  Sweets made from chickpeas, ginger, cinnamon and of course almonds.  Not a bit of chocolate to be seen.  Absolutely fascinating.  Our approach to the shooting of all Ayurveda product is light – shafts of light, as it is paramount to the Ayurvedic principle.  We then combined this with flowers and ingredients to make a simple collage around the product.  The light used as one of our sunset coloured lamps – set offset and to the back and filtered through glass just to give it a soft look rather than a hard light shaft.

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