Food Photographer Inverness . Loch Ness Clansman.

Food Photographer Inverness . Loch Ness Clansman.

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Restaurant Food Photographer Inverness

We were asked in by the then General Manager to come in and shoot a new menu for the Clansman Hotel, a busy coach party hotel which is located on the banks of Loch Ness – no we didn’t see a monster!

A large hotel, it had to cater for those looking for instant food as they were travelling to those who would like a more substantial meal, as they were staying the evening in one of the rooms. The bar to the second floor is large and yes, they have a wall to ceiling window feature which can lend to customers simply staring out the window and not eating or drinking anything – just watching all the water ‘wakes’ in a faint hope a head pops up before them!

YRSCommercial, Restaurant Food Photography, Inverness.

YRSFood, Food Photographer Clansman Hotel

It’s not easy trying to eat naturally whilst a camera is stuck in your face. You have the urge to giggle all the while!

No we didn’t ask the lady to hold position as we shot! We simply had to ask her to eat normally, chat with her dining partner and we sat some way off with a long lens shooting away like a ‘machine gun’. Then we chose the best image.

YRSFood, Food Photographer Clansman Hotel

We like to shoot food with natural light (or specially adapted continuous lights which present very soft gentle light.

Wall to ceiling windows facing due south on the other had can be an utter pain. Yes, lots of natural light but when the sun comes out its everywhere! It even ‘blew’ whites when scrims and filters were stuck on the windows – just light the ‘Batman’ light. YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photographer, Inverness.

A photo shoot in the Clansman Hotel, Loch Ness, Inverness.

YRSFood, Food Photographer Clansman Hotel

The shoot ended up being a three or four phases raher than a simple menu or dish shoot. They wanted images of diners and had arranged for a couple of staff to dress nicely and act as tourists and diners. Then the dishes themselves were shot.

Then a turn in the shoot as a request was made to shoot our two staff subjects in different attire as if they were taking coffee – nothing formal as a lot of their traffic is passing in nature – grabbing a coffee and often hiding from the rain! The last was a last minute request for a few images of the marketing director taking tea in the bar area as if a business guest – so out came the teacakes etc along with mobile phones, brief cases and that sort of thing. So a food shoot that ‘grew’ legs!

YRSCommercial, hospitality photographer Inverness.


YRSFood, Food Photographer Clansman Hotel

A mixture of hospitality images at the table and then those of the dish. So we had to arrange the dining area a little – to make it look busy from a distance and without ‘guests’ popping over to have a look see!

We were lucky that our two staff subjects we very good and acted naturally – perfect chemistry for a couple and they really enjoyed being on the other side of ‘service’ for the shoot. The dishes, were not to be shot as signature dishes – namely the dish on their own – the food was really promoting the dining rooms and not simply the dish. So they had to be set against wine, table flatware and table fabrics as if it we a ‘snapshot’ of everyday dining.

YRSCommercial, Restaurant Photographer Inverness.

YRSFood, Food Photographer Clansman Hotel

As with all things these days, labels matter! So wine selection took a better part of the morning as the labels were to be shown. Now we normally turn the bottles in such shoots slightly away from the camera – it’s amazing how wine labels can cause problems to those who think they understand wine more than others!

So by turning them slightly away – the viewer focuses upon the object of the image – in this case the dish. As labels were to be shown, it was a case of going through the cellar to find wines of quality. All in all a shoot that meant adapting very quickly to client requests – we try never to say no if we can. And no even though we we there all day we didn’t see sight nor sound of the monster!

YRSCommercial, Restaurant & Hospitality Photographer. Clansman Hotel, Inverness.



YRSCommercial. Commercial Photographer

YRSCommercial, Inverness Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHY.

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YRSCommercial. Inverness Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHER.

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Food Photographer Inverness. Loch Ness Clansman.
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