Food Photographer Inverness. Garth Hotel.

Food photographer Inverness.

Menu photographer, Inverness. Client: The Garth Hotel, Granton on Spey

A client case study for the Garth Hotel, Grantown on Spey and an extraordinary chef in this quaint hotel – quiet and cosy perfect for a simple coffee in the rain or an evening meal to celebrate a special event.  The Garth is one of those old fashioned eateries, which can be used comfortably no matter what time of day or event!  On this occasion the shoot was for a simple selection of the menu – around haggis and black pudding use.  The images below are of haggis bon bons, served with fillet stake and a whiskey sauce. Chef then went on to produce wood pigeon with black pudding and a chocolate sauce. An amazing shoot with a very talented chef. So if you’re hungry and in Grantown on Spey, go to the Garth!

Food Photographer Inverness, Garth Hotel

How did we do the food photography and menu photography shoot?  We used natural light from the large bay windows in the dinning room and the arranged for a simple black card to be hung from a C clamp at the back of a stack of simple white plates,  the dish was then centred on the stack and shooting from a tripod on long exposures we adjusted the angle to suit the dish,  Reflectors balanced the light across the dish so you get a nice simple lighting effect and we used scrims to manage the flashing from the sunshine.

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