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Food Product Photographer Case Study – food (baked goods) product and food packaging photography.

One of the nicest shortbreads we’ve sampled! They even use shortbread in their mince pies at Christmas with a stunning Old Pultney whisky filling. And as for the oatcakes – our favourite has to be tomato and chilli. All this from a bakery on the cliff edge looking out at some of Caithness’s most stunning coastal scenery. Inspired on both accounts! Caithness Biscuits are going through a major re-branding investment, their business growing substantially.

We were asked in as a food photography specialist – to create images that showed both lifestyle use and their products for packaging. You can see more of the food and product images we created for their website, sales promotion and food packaging here. You can also get more information on our food photography approach here and of course product and packaging services here. As for great design, product and packaging creation, click here to see Blackhouse Creative.

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