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Having a pedigree for meat quality quite like McLays in Glasgow, the need to present their product in a style and a suitable approach during this meat photography shoot was quite daunting for the studio.  Their range from beef to game is huge and all to the same level of quality – a chef’s choice as well as a household necessity.  So our approach to this food photography commission – think French!  Yes, we thought French for a while and not Glasgow (which is where Mclays are based), rustic French, contemporary French.  We are very lucky as a food photography studio to have such a large prop store – too large by the comments of the traffic manager here as she has to first find the prop and then put it back!

So to French Briton flatware we went, to Provence we dipped and to the French-German border we strayed, to create a series of styled food photography images that in fact look very normal to British eyes!  The only thing we avoided were food photography backdrops and backgrounds in Briton blue – we went for a distressed kitchen table finish instead.

Lighting for the raw meat photography shoot was a simple left rear offset and then the composition… we simply approached it as a dish rather than a product – centralising the product in a container – in this case a Briton frying pan – to focus the eye and emphasise the colour of the meat – vital for poultry.  With over 60 different products, we created 60 different styles and set-piece images (e-commerce done properly and not set to white backgrounds we might add!), a challenge for the styling guru here as the styles had to all tie together not completely different and, yes it had to sell a product not be seen as a recipe image or editorial image.  Big challenges but great fun!


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