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Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography.  Client:  Argyll Smokery.

We’ve been very luck recently to work with a stunning small smoke house down in Dunoon.  What started as  a small commission for images to use in a new website has rolled out into a number of different commissions.  This one is for their advertising.  They have just won the real Taste awards for the pates so it all started from there and the idea of promoting their product has now moved at a pace.  The images we were to create had to be used in print and web so a range of styles for each styled composition had to be taken and as its about to be Spring (honest!!) we thought nothing could be better than to celebrate the start of good weather with flowers – yes Daffs.

Food Photographer Glasgow Argyll Smokery Aadvertising
Food Photographer Glasgow Argyll Smokery Advertising (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)


Smoked salmon, the Daffs… we could hear the wine corks bursting.  And so this is how the images were to be created.  A celebration of the food and the experience of relaxed dining with their very special smoked salmon.  Boards were created for the back drops – not too dark or rustic.  Lighting had to be created through a new lamp – we wanted a shaft of lazy sunlight coming in over the preparation tables and yes the syling and props all handled by ourselves.

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