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Glasgow Food Photographer. Argyll Smokery Trout Range (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

Style: Food PhotographerFood Photography – Argyll Smokery Dunoon – Smoked Trout Range.

There are some products that are simply too good to describe – the visuals no matter how good simply do not do justice to the product. We sort to have to agree this is the case with the range of products from Argyll Smokery. We have shot all their product line before, this the Trout product set. We also do their recipes. The thing that hits you when you’re working with their products is simply the quality at the finish. No marketing fluff, no outlandish claims and to be honest they forget most of the awards they have won. The product is exceptional. The smoking a slightly sweet smokey smell and taste – not bitter and the flesh is never oily just perfectly moist.

For this series of shots, to be added to a new website they have just launched we thought we’d try and enhance the colours of the product by using dark backgrounds and simple preparation props as if the trout was being prepared in a vintage kitchen… Great fun and yes, we recommend you try it!

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