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Food Photographer Edinburgh. Twelve Triangles Bakery. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

Food Photographer Edinburgh. Twelve Triangles Bakery.

Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography – Twelve Triangles Bakery.

When is a doughnut not a doughnut? When it is an artisan doughnut and there’s one hell of a difference. Decadent, sublime and no. It’s impossible to pass the ‘lick-your-lips-test’ because not only is the baked product so good, the fillings are amazing. So how do you go about making a doughnut look as artisan as its ingredients imply. We’re all used to the stacks of ‘lesser- quality’ doughnuts – whether ring or filled as the super market. To create an image for the bakery’s products like that would simply be wrong. So we approached it a little like chocolate photography we do. The style is based upon a sneak treat, all to yourself, you have finally found the time and space and no one is around – just you and…the smell of fresh baked goods straight from the oven with the early morning sunlight just catching the product… Well that’s sort of how it goes in the planning stages! Then we thrash out how to create the image where the focus is simply one the baked good. Like the backgrounds which we make here in the studio, we’re now making all our cutting boards for all our food photography, having given up trying to find old, distress and vintage ones – such things are thrown in the bin it seems before we get them in the markets or auctions. And then the flatware we used in the image, we went for old plate silver fruit forks not cake forks and yes, a stunning little cheese knife that looks perfect with baked goods!

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