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Incredible colours… yes that’s the first thing to hit you when you look at the fine rapeseed oil products from Supernature – intense reds from the chilli oil, stunning gold from the pure rape seed oil and as for the smell… the lemon zest, torn basil, quite intoxicating!  We were asked to shoot the products in a way that would show the purity of the oil.  This led us to consider back lighting straight away – despite the tall labelling of the bottle – there was still enough clear glass visibility to show the stunning colour set.

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The issue was how to bring a lifestyle set piece together that showed both the product and a preparation scene – our other requirement in the brief.  The first bit was to work the angles out – to show the bottles tall without distortion – that took a little paying around as the usual angles simply did not work.  Then the angles of the lighting.  The accent light had to be not only bounced towards the bottles, we also had to protect other areas of the scene to create the deep shadows.  Then we had the challenge of the ingredients props… have you noticed that food clients like to shoot things in winter… try getting lemon balm leaves, fresh pepper mint leaves at this time of the year!  Thank goodness we have a ¼ acre herb and prop garden – yes, we deliberately grow herbs from chamomile to sage, dill to lavender.  And then we have the flowers that are sometimes used.  As for the exotics, well we started a food ingredients store from cinnamon sticks to black salt… these are all in the food studio which makes it much easier to apply ingredients props to the image.  Once all collected we added it to a nice old oak background that we have acquired – we buy broken tables which are beyond repair – the tops in a rustic condition make a great background.


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