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This is going to be a tough one… was the email we received from the commisison agent for a range of images using Phantassie foods.  Why was our reply, because they’re vegetables..

With over 100 different products – some seasonal – all organic and all incredibly fresh.  Yes, on this occasion when we went down to collect the stock to use in the food photography photoshoot, the vegtables, leaves and roots were actually pulled from the ground – too order so to speak.  The idea for the shoot was to recreate a glimpse at the potting shed bench, the garden who has just lifted the produce and is preparing them for the kitchen.

To do this, we had to use a limited light option – as if the light streamed in from the potting shed window.  It had to be soft light, the produce had to be gently light.  Why? The produce from Phantassie not only organic, is a real treat for those looking for exceptional taste, the leaves peppery, the tomatoes sweet and juicy grown as if it were in ‘grandpa’s garden’…

This was the starting point for the prop selection, vintage garden and pruning  knives, brown garden string… lots of pewter and cast iron.  As for the backgrounds?  We simply found an old decaying bench left out in the wilds… pieced it back together, dried it out and then gently cleaned it back up to represent the gardens bench.. just without dirt!

Lots of deep dark shadows, no flashing on shinny skins (because we manage this using flags and dots) and where necessary, just a little fresh water spray to vitalise the leaves or wild garlic.  Stunning produce, and far from a tough one to crack – a real treat!


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