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We have to admit right at the front, Asian food hits the spot in the studio!  After all, we’re a bunch from the Midlands so Balti is our native dish! So the opportunity to work with Naima Foods and their retail brand Desi King was a real treat.  A new business, they have spent a very long time perfecting the product before release and their premises as to be one of the cleanest we have ever photographed – spotless!  We were asked in by the owner to create a series of images for advertising, packaging, website and of the production process and facilities themselves.

A three day food photography photo shoot, the first day was onsite in Edinburgh with the staff capturing each stage of production from the mixing of pakora batter through to the frying, packaging and presentation of each of the products.

Food Photographer Edinburgh Naima Foods
Food Photographer Edinburgh Naima Foods. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.


The trick here was to also show the premises and facilities in the background.  The second and third days of the food photography shoot were to first capture a range of images for packaging and labelling – high key images to white backgrounds.  Now normally these type of images are simple product shots.  But not on this occasion, the owner wanted simple set-piece arrangements that then had to be individually clipped to white – clipping around a parsley leaf let alone a bunch should be a form of punishment – believe me! Once this stage was agreed we then moved to the food photography for advertising images – to be used in campaigns on-line as well as print.


We suggested a style and theme to the owner based upon a desire to promote ‘home made’ (or as we heard some ridiculous presenter of BBC Radio Scotland call it ‘hand crafted’  good grief what next!) that each piece of Pakora was made personally for the individual buyer.  Rustic in design we chose a lighting structure that brought out the amazing colours of the batter – shocking pink and orange for the Chicken Pakora and Haggis Pakora – yes I said Haggis!  We had boards made up specially from the shoot and collected Asian brass wear from contacts we had in Birmingham.  Fresh herbs we used and we piled the spice similar to the spice markets in Asia on the board to create texture and colour.  Great fun and the studio had an amazing smell for days!  Styling the scene for each version of pakora had to be different as each has very specific ingredients also there was a need to not make this too traditional in Asia design as it had to appeal to a UK market.  A lot for the styling team to think about.

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