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Having spent the best part of a week producing images with a food photography shoot on cheeses, it seemed only appropriate to be asked to then shoot a very exclusive range of artisan jams, preserves and chutneys – they went so nice with the cheese left over’s! The range was huge in variety – fresh raspberry, piccalilli and then to mustards so getting a style that was simple and transferable across all the products was very important – otherwise it became a ‘mish-mash’ of styles which on the website would look totally confusing.

So we back light the jars to create a sense of focus and then adopted a simple two colour pallet to the image – dark grey (from the granite) to brown with a backdrop board in French oak.  Simple supporting side lighting from a sunrise lamp that we have had adapted in the studio (we have them made to reflect the different oranges and yellows of sun rise and sunset) this completed the very rustic head on shot of the jars.  We placed the spoons and the product onto slate (it also stopped us marking the base boards which cost a fortune to get made!) and yes the spoons are a collection of flatware we brought over from Canada.  We’re always trying to collect and assemble new props to meet a period or style that we design.  So if you have any old kitchen ware from the 50’s through to the late 1800’s let us now with a quick email.


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