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Menu Photographer Edinburgh
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Food Photographer, Food Photography Hotel Indigo.

Edinburgh’s food scene is changing – good before but now awesome.  So many genres, styles and cultures all blending into a restaurant scene that is so wide and diverse, as a dinner you totally spoilt for choice.  Far too many cities are over packed with endless gastro-burger bars or fast preparation kitchens that dumb down the dish to make life easier in the kitchen.  So its nice to see so many fine dining venues appearing in Edinburgh alongside the long standing business that have made the city’s reputation.  Lots or artisan ideas, lots of small unique players all increasing the spectrum of dining.

So with bookings online, venue planning by phone… we’ve seen a huge increase in restaurants now looking for professional images.  They love their Facebook and Twitter with the snatched images whilst partying but owners are now really concerned that that their own web presence which all this traffic leads back to is now to coin a chef… pukka!

One such restaurant we recently shot their menu for was the Indigo hotel.  The area manager had a clear objective from the shoot, new why the images were necessary and how she was to use them in this incredible competitive part of Edinburgh.  We had to keep the images bright and colourful – that’s the branding of the hotel and we were working with tapas, so no huge white plates to deal with – how to bring this all together was our problem.  Be contemporary, artisan and suggest a uniqueness that they can only bring.  So we approached this menu photography shoot differently.  Not simply shooting the menu, brought the styling studio to its as well. We took a selection of props for the studio and double parked in mad Edinburgh rush – unloaded and set about the shoot using natural light that we enhanced with a colour lamp – green to create colour contrast in the boards (tried indigo but the bulb light was simply too dark!)  Chef discussed each dish prior to creating the plate and also explained how he would like the ingredients and dish presented.  To be different we moved away from simple plate shots and styled and dressed the image – something we normally do in the studio environment not in a busy restaurant environment. Carefully creating images that reflected strong colour to compliment strong colours, shape and form. Making tapas look like art works!

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