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Earl grey with blue cornflowers, cranberry with succulent apple, fine Indian leaf-teas and yes a vast range of herb teas.  The aroma from the studio was very calming at times…  A simple food product photography shoot or should we say beverage…that had to be approached from a different angle.  We sort of through about going to the essence of drinking tea for pleasure rather than drinking tea as a quick brew in the madness of the day.  So out went the clichéd tea cup shots and in came a large set of a farmhouse, table, simple wrought iron surrounding and a calm morning light to set the scene for the teas.  As all the packaging is of a very vibrant colour we focus the background on dark shadows and kitchen implements.  This brought out the colour without making it garish and provided some balance.  Key of course is to not only show the packaging but the ‘draft’ itself so we chose simple glass tea-mugs letting the rich reds of cranberry and the greens of peppermint show through.

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