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Seems appropriate with all the Easter season we’re shooting something full of chocolate, icing, soft fruits and cake… yes the tantalising collection from the Cuckoo Bakery – an artisan approach to the traditional cupcake.  With these you need a little more than a quick cup of coffee – they’re worth it!  Forget the diet – there’s always tomorrow and yes, think physical to burn it off!  The range was quiet stunning with dusted coco powder, carrot cake, fudge, caramel, raspberries and strawberries all to make a quiet sit down and self indulgence perfect.  We asked to promote the cakes as a series of parodies – from a party to a boy collecting precious artefacts’ and then the romantic valentine with champagne in a 22 carrot goblet!

Edinburgh Food Photography. Cuckoo Bakery (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

We used the signature colours of the cupcakes to drive the colour schemes and styling –except for the one shot with the heavy chocolate surprise.  Sorry but every time we see chocolate we thing of those lime boiled sweets which you have to suck down to the chocolate – so we used a lime background!  On this occasion we used a range of soft boxes – we’re experimenting on mixed bulb units to achieve certain levels and tones of light as many of our clients now want us shooting onsite and not in the studio.  That all seems OK until you realise how much you have in a studio and rely on the quick popping out to the stores to correct a problem or indeed enhance an image from the lighting or prop cupboards.


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