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Exotic flavours that match brand names of Peru, Madagascar and  Columbia.  The team instantly thought of cocktails!  Why I have no idea but apparently it would be nice with such rich chocolate – ladies I ask you!  Chocolate Tree pride themselves on their ingredients and the use or organic products – it shows with the delicate flavours adjusting between each of the product types – each a complete different subtle chocolate experience.

Anyway, back to the food photography shoot, for some reason the ideas of cocktails, warm party atmospheres in exotic locations stuck for the shoot – they must get out more! So, moving away from traditional timbers it was proposed that distressed beach from timbers be used as if weathered by tropical storms, then the used of low candle lighting send shafts of light across crushed silks and fine satins.

Then a little jewellery and the shot was set in style – the combination changed for each style of chocolate product.  How did we produce the candle light – we’ve adapted a lighting using we normally use for sunrise and sunset tones with shutters and slide bars, we turn the lighting to orange and then move the shafts to the left and right as required a little like barn doors – only with a much smaller unit.


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