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The smell of freshly ground coffee….  over an over again.  That was the exquisite treat we had with this shoot for Artisan Roast.  The smells even competed with their fine cafe house in Edinburgh as we ground samples of each to show rich colour not only in the beans but the grindings as well.  For this food photography shoot we tried to create a coffee sellers counter – not a cafe but a whole sale sellers counter.  Rich distressed walnut and oak counters were created and then it was a matter of finding a suitable background – in this case the distance background is a 180 year old granite fireplace.

Our only trouble was working with the bags.  Artisan Roast use foil lined bags for absolute freshness which when ‘dinked’ in the transport process can be very difficult to take out as the foil holds the shape.  The answer… socks!  Yes we used socks and kitchen roll to first smooth as much of the creases out and then the keep the shape.  The flatware?  We continually invest in period flatware from not just over the UK but worldwide.  These spoons believe it or not came from Canada!


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