Food & Food Product Photographer. Fish & Shellfish. Armstrong’s of Stockbridge.

Food Photography Edinburgh. Armstrong's of Stockbridge.


Food Photographer Edinburgh.  Armstrong’s of Stockbridge.


Food Photography Edinburgh. Armstrong's of Stockbridge.
Food Photography Edinburgh. Armstrong’s of Stockbridge. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored).

Style: Food PhotographerFood Photography – Armstrong’s of Stockbridge.

Another fine artisan food supplier from Edinburgh.  We are continually amazed at the range of food producers and processors that can be found in Edinburgh.  This time we had the opportunity to work with wet fish – yes, you normally see smoked products in our portfolio as we have somewhat of a reputation for this specialist food group – and shellfish by Armstrong’s of Stockbridge, fish merchants.  For this food photography shoot, we were presented with a huge range from their display counter – from scallops and clams to monk fish and bream.

The issue for wet fish is to manage shine – yes, it’s wet – and to present the fillets, shellfish or roe in a way that shows how exciting is can be to cook with fish as well as the dishes that are ultimately created – yes fish is fun, contemporary and the dish it creates stunning!  And all this without the benefit of scratch and sniff!   To approach the shoot for Armstrong’s, we through simply colour!

The vast majority of wet fish fillets are a white to semi grey colour – so we wanted to counter this with a vibrant specially created backdrop.  Then using French skillets and pans we set about simple preparation images – we though Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Cajun when creating the styles – each image representing the preparation stage of a dish from a selective region.  We’re lucky that the prep cupboard not only has the flatware and ceramics, kitchen ware and glass wear, it also has a huge range of herbs and spices which we introduce to the image – pri-pri with its texture and colour, turmeric with its stunning yells and so on.

Lighting we kept subdued – it created a more exotic feel to the preparation image and also managed the shine off the fish. You can only mop with a paper town once or twice – then you begin to lift the flesh so it’s a case of using flags to block the light and bounces to redirect it.



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