Food Photographer. Dried Goods & Pulses. Grape Tree.

Food Photographer. Dried Goods & Pulses. Grape Tree.

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Food Photographer Wolverhampton

We arrived at a large warehouse building on a slightly drizzly Merry Hill day, to be led to a very long boardroom – more like a very wide corridor. We were greeted by our client who began conversations exclaiming admiration – our studio digital foot print on the internet – it’s huge, you’re everywhere how do you do it…?

The boardroom, stretched for a very long way.  Either side, boxes and boxes all neatly laid against the skirting edge… boxes and boxes of product to be shot – some in packaging other loose.  Attached to each product a small post-it note, this had the product code or SKU number neatly written upon it.

Some of the products you might recognise, as the packaging did all the explaining. Others you would have no idea what they were, even with the SKU code – try sampling a cashew nut, only to find the green paste around it is wasaabe… A painful lesson for one member of the studio to NOT try product when you’re in a shoot!

YRSCommercial, Food Product Photography Wolverhampton, Grape Tree.

Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Pulses & Dried Goods. Grape Tree. 1

Colour correction is vital in food photography. No chance of ‘boosting’ to improve the image – the food needs to look like food.

High key food photography is all the rage – it hadn’t used to be but the power of Amazon seems to be driving it. The problem is that it requires a lot of light. This can dilute the colour of the food stuff. So it’s important to colour correct – only you have to do it, so it looks real.

Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Pulses & Dried Goods. Grape Tree. 2

Styling is vital in batch goods – it’s not a matter of pour and click, you need to present even the finest grain properly.

There is a temptation to just simply port into a bowl or tray and shoot – it’s a batch product. Sorry no. The best items need to be at the forefront, the most striking variety demonstrated, the shapes consistent… in other words, styled. YRSCommercial, Food Product Photographer, Wolverhampton.

A photo shoot in the Grape Tree, Merry Hill Wolverhampton.

Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Pulses & Dried Goods. Grape Tree. 3

So what was there?  Pulses, nuts, processed nut products, beans, seeds and then we had waters, creams and milks… the list went on.  Some of the grain products were matt coated other such as chocolate brazils a mirror gloss coating. We were to shoot and catalogue by product code, so that the image was easily dropped into their distribution and ecommerce system and all to be done in a few hours as the boardroom was needed. 

A full ecommerce studio was set up, white sweep and lighting and shot to PC, amending the file name of the mages on the fly so to speak with the name of the product code reference. We averaged one product every three minutes that day… easy when you have a carton, but consider pouring in a batch of chocolate coated raisins – some of the fruits will have perfect coatings other not, so they need to be removed. Others will be scuffed in the wholesale packing – still great to eat but not for an image. So all this had to be removed then restyled. And often again and again as one or two are missed, only to be seen just before the image created.

YRSCommercial, Food photographer Wolverhampton.

Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Pulses & Dried Goods. Grape Tree. 4

Jars as usual were a problem that took longer – we hate to see the continuous lighting units reflected in them, so we end up moving things around to limit the effect and as for dark chocolate covered brazils (which I know are scrummy) are a nightmare to shoot – all those little reflections, which we ended up removing in post production. Then colour balancing – using lights can make colours a little pale – so when you’re working with food stuffs there is a need to balance the saturation – apricots need to be a strong yellow – but no too yellow. So the colour balance was a two stage thing – correct the colour and make sure it looks consitent with a food product.

YRSCommercial, Food Photographer Wolverhampton.

Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Pulses & Dried Goods. Grape Tree. 5

Lastly we were asked, as we left the shoot, could we do another shoot of creative work for a more advertising feel of their products – which we did at a more leisurely pace in the studio the next day.  Fun all round and no – no one likes the wassabe coated nuts!

YRSCommercial, Food Product Photographer. Wolverhampton.



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YRSCommercial, Wolverhampton Food Product PHOTOGRAPHY.

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YRSCommercial. Wolverhampton Food PHOTOGRAPHER.

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Food Photographer Wolverhampton. Dried Goods & Pulses. Grape Tree.
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