Food Photographer. Confectionary & Baked Goods. Handmade Meringues

Food Photographer. Confectionary & Baked Goods. Handmade Meringues

22nd November 2017 Off By YRSMarketing
Creating images the length of the food chain and in hospitality.
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Food Photographer Glasgow. Handmade Meringues.

Food Photographer Glasgow. Handmade Meringues. (Copyright Protected, Watermarked, IP Monitored)

We never realised just how hard it was to photograph a blanc meringue.  No, no joking – its the colour balance.  To start with they are not quite white but the shadows are grey not cream.  Shooting it on dark backgrounds isn’t a problem but when they are on lighter backgrounds then the colour balance is worse.  We must have spent 80% of the time in post production just worrying about the colour of the product – keeping it appetising.  We had been asked to product images of the range and creative ones.  Now not all of the product had cartons as they were sold wholesale and we had to have loads of choices as they do not travel well – even if you wrap them.  So again loads of time in the post production area ‘touching up the cracks and dinks’ to so speak.  So first to shoo the product in an ecommerce fashion – no not easy as described above.  You see there are two ways really to shoot ecommerce images (white background), the first is slight high key and then reduce back a little in the studio until the colours are perfect – normally adopted with light colour items or cartons.  The other is to shoot slice low-key and then boost upwards – for the darker products and cartons or packaging.  It gives you a little control over the tones.  So if we consider this – shoot them a little to high key and you loose them – yes, they go very white and all the lovely detail disappears.  Shoot the low key and they go a horrible colour with dark shadows that remain grey no matter what you do.  So cartons not a problem, wholes sale – with the products outside their cartons a nightmare! As for the styled images – these product are a component of another product or dish – no one eats meringue on its own, so we first hat to think of ways to serve the product as a sweet then build it on the boards.  This one way an jam of oranges and pickled lemons served with a lime ice cream – the meringue either being the top or the sandwich.  Not sure how it tasted… on of the studio is a little lighter on feet than I!  All the images were loaded on a managed archive in Dropbox so they can ship them to web designers and PC without having to cut disks – we make sure the images are current and all there – just in case someone cuts and image out rather than copies.

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YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is a commercial photographer specialising in product and food images, based in the West Midlands and Scotland and working throughout the United Kingdom. We work with businesses, producers, restaurants, media, designers and property owners, creating images for commercial, editorial, promotional, business and industrial needs, as-well-as for media and agencies and marketing designers all over the UK.


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YRSFood. Food, Menu and Restaurant Photography Studio.

YRSCommercial, Food photographer.

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Midlands and Scotland, working throughout the UK. We work with business, media and editors, creating images of food, menus and packaging all over the UK. YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio), Food Photographer.

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