Food Photographer. Baked Goods.  Lazy Lunches.

Food Photographer. Baked Goods. Lazy Lunches.

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Food Photographer Birmingham

Deep in the burbs of Birmingham is a small catering company, whose ability to create fine food is beyond a normal catering approach – restaurant quality to the office door.  A fine chef, attention to detail and ingredients that are so fresh the result is a restaurant level dish – no matter if nibbles, salads or finger food buffets.

We were asked in to try and create images that would complement their proposition – premium quality catering not the usual office grub. Now this sounds all to easy… yes?  Well there is a problem, as you cannot extend the proposition from beyond its real value – no use of fine china for instance, the props are limited to how the product is served (often black plastic dishes or foil charger plates).  We had to careful with fabrics used and also the suggestion of quantities… so not so simple a shoot after all. 

YRSFood, Food Photography Birmingham, Lazy Food Catering.

Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu. Lazy Foods. C9

Sometimes is better to let the sweets sell themselves rather than add props and fancy things.

Not being of a sweet tooth disposition, it was strange to actually find these sweets stunning! Lots of self control here when shooting them!

Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu. Lazy Foods. C10

It wasn’t just the canapes and sweets that were shot during this food photography shoot. We hand trays and trays of sandwiches, fruits, dips… the lot!

It’s nice when catering companies move away form the foil trays and plastic basins… these whilst a plastic plate where a ‘mock’ blue glass and created a very ‘polished’ feel to the dish.

YRSFood, Food Photographer, Birmingham.

A food photography shoot in Lazy Food Catering Birmingham.

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So the brief: create a premium image with a restriction on the execution of the image so no disappointing the customer on the catering day who may expect china, flatware or other props. Demonstrate the skill and care and above all the quality of the product.So we stripped it straight back to simple origins, the home cooked feel, simple hessian pads for fabric like heat mats from the oven and a very basic lighting rig.  The backgrounds we kept simple yet contemporary. The props to be used were no more than ingredients – what we call edible props and these must be part of the product – so no implying fruits exist if only oils or essences were used. That sort of thing.

YRSFood, food photographer Birmingham.

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Back to the lighting. The latter was absolutely necessary as this was shot in the cavern of the warehouse from which the business runs, with only a few strip lights above.  So we had to somehow create soft natural lighting and then begin to shoot. We use continuous lighting that can be adjusted so the intensity is minimised to little more than gentle fill in light normally. On this we had to completely adjust the set up and us a colour scrim – why? The lighting in the warehouse wasn’t tungsten which is often yellow light, it was a blue green light! That makes an iced bun look very strange! And no, you can’t easily adjust it in the studio as it changes by shadow depth completely differently – no simple warming the image here. We had to change the light itself.

Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu. Lazy Foods. C7

Lighting done, we then had a bit of project creep. We expect it to be honest – only we do work to time so we know how many products or set ups are required in the time allowed – extend the project too far and things simply do not fit in time wise. What we thought were to be about 20 products and ended at 60 as new ideas appeared from the chef. 

Now this not only hits us on time to shoot, clean up and recreate the next image, it also hits us on props. There’s no need to hit us with surprises as you hire the studio for food product by time – not image numbers. If we know there are 60 products we adjust the time yes, we also bring enough props and ideas to handle the products in mind. On this occasion We had to improvise on the ‘hoof’ so to speak and it never brings out the best.

YRSFood, food photographer Birmingham.

Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu. Lazy Foods. C2

It’s probably worth explaining, as a studio and photographer that specialises in food, we always ask in advance what it is we are about to shoot. It lets us take a little time to think how to shoot it, how to style it and what to bring.

We’re not trying to catch clients out or charge more. It just means we have a set of ideas brought to the shoot and you don’t get the blank panic face for a split second of ‘what, oh, yes, let us think a minute…’ and then a dash to the car to see if we have what we need.

Also some dishes require a bit of preparation in the styling or different kinds of gear to shoot – ice cream and the wrong lights can be an utter disaster as it all melts too quickly.

YRSFood, food photographer Birmingham.



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Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu.  Lazy Lunches.
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Food Photographer Birmingham. Catering Food & Menu. Lazy Lunches.
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