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Food Photographer, Food Stylist, Food Product Photography, Food Advertising Photography Aberdeen.


Ugie Salmon, a smoke house with a stunning history reportedly to be one of the oldest if not the oldest smokes houses in Scotland.  A fantastic building, well worth a visit with over 400 years of history selling, smoking and curing some of the best salmon in the north east of Scotland. We were asked along to help with a re-fresh of their website – images to purvey the quality of their product, the heritage of their smoke house and of course the provenance of their catch which until recently was in the main river caught – the Ugie being a stunning salmon and sea trout river.  Our commission was simple – to capture the process and the craft of smoking, to create ecommerce images in a traditional style of white backgrounds and then create a series of lifestyle images – displaying the craft of smoking and the ingredients used.  The last part of the commission was to create Ugie Salmon 6 recipe cards – an outsourced process that we as a studio provide as we are not only a photography studio but a creative agency as well.  So, we sourced the recipes from our library – over 15,000 recipes in it at the moment for differing types of meal, we cooked and styled the dish then photographed it.  Finally we set it to a design style and PDF.  All done for Ugie with the minimum of interference.


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Keywords: Food Photographer, Food Stylist, Food Product Photography, Food Advertising Photography, Aberdeen.


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