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Style: Food Photographer, Food Photography.  Client:  Cluny Fish.

A nice start to the new year – the opportunity to work with Cluny Fish and the Shetland Smokehouse – renowned for the quality of their smoked product range an interesting food photography photo shoot that not only let us work with Cluny but also one of Edinburgh’s leading design agencies.

Food Photographer Aberdeen Cluny Smokehouse Buckie
Food Photographer Aberdeen Cluny Smokehouse Buckie. Copyright Protected. Watermarked. IP Monitored.

The owner called the studio in to create images for a special project they were undertaking – the launch of smoked fish soups – two in fact: Cullen Skink and a Cream of Smoked Salmon.  Intimation of Edinburgh had already designed the label for the tin can packaging, so it was a matter of the understanding this design and working to a ‘scamp’ image they had used in this design to create a replacement new one – the design had set expectations of feel, proposition and style.  These images done and clipped to transparent backgrounds for easy fitting to the packaging design we then went on to create a range of lifestyle images to support advertising and leaflets as well as their website.  Here a less restrictive brief enabled us to explore the subject a little more – keeping to only one key request – we like our soups to feel  and taste as if they are home made – so a farmhouse kitchen style was adopted with fresh baked bread for the shoot.   The studio smelled amazing!

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